What Does A Small Hard Lump Under Armpit Mean?

small lump under armpit


The small lump under armpit may hurt harshly. In this case, the inflammation of the lymph nodes often progresses slowly. At first, a small pea –sized compaction appears and palpation becomes painful. The skin gets red and hot. If you don’t assume any measures in time, the patient’s lymph nodes may swell up heavily and the temperature will rise sharply. As a rule, women as well as men have the same symptoms, if the inflammation is caused by lymphadenitis. They are:

  •        Weight loss;
  •        Redness of the skin;
  •        A boil or abscess may leap out;
  •        The armpit hurts in case of pressing;
  •        A lightning pain can occur in the area of a swollen place on the left or right.

 small hard lump under armpit

Appearance of a small hard lump under the armpit and the inflammation of the lymph nodes is not always accompanied by pain. Emersion of this symptom depends on the internal reason, which caused particular compaction: if the lymph nodes under the arm of a patient with tuberculosis or syphilis were inflamed, then there will be no strong sensation of burning. A person with small lump under armpit  likely won’t feel any discomfort, if his lymph nodes were increased as a result of oncological disease (cancer, sarcoma).