Painful lump under armpit

i have a lump under my armpit

The skin in the armpit area is extremely soft. Antiperspirants, uncomfortable clothes and shaving may cause appearance of the little wounds. And these wounds are the best place for infection. The result is visiting your doctor and telling him or her – i have a lump under my armpit. The doctor will define the disease: inflammation of the lymph nodes (lymphadenitis), benign tumors (atheroma, lipoma) or sweat glands disorders. Both men and women could get every of these diagnoses. Most of women may find painful lump under armpit during the lactation period or in case of mastitis. Period itself is on the list of the possible causes too.

Tumor prevention measures

  • Forehanded visit to doctor. But just telling “i have a lump under my armpit” is not enough. You should remember all your diseases that may cause immune system disorders. Women have to check the behavior of tumor during the period.
  • Simple hygiene. Wash the armpit with soap twice a day. Use antiperspirants that match your skin type. Shave only using the high quality razors.

  • Your clothes must stay yours, so you should not share them with friends or relatives. Neglecting of this simple rule may cause a lot of infections.

Sometimes painful lump under armpit is just a furuncle. It means that inflammation was caused by the bacteria, which started inflammatory process in the armpit hair follicle. In severe cases pain under the armpit is the result of cardiac ischemia. Heartache may be also caused by eating or breathing disorders. So you should not be surprised that if doctor wants to examine your armpit, because the connection between it and heart is not so obvious for most of patients.

painful lump under armpit