How much should you worry about painful lump under armpit?

painful lump under armpit

Today almost every woman knows enough about breast cancer and its consequences. That is why any kind of discomfort in breast area, even small painful lump under armpit, scares a lot. And all we can say that is right reaction for such a situation, that shows that you really care about your health, because any kind of swelling, papilloma or painful lump under armpit may be a sign of the cancer.

The summertime is near, so most of women would like to wear some light clothes and the small painful lump under armpit is the factor that could make you to dress not according to the weather. Fortunately, hair and smell are easy to handle with. But there is a wide list of other armpit issues such as seal, big dark sports or papilloma. And even all of them should not worry you as much as painful lump under armpit because in most of cases it is not cosmetic problem, it is health problem. That is why we want to differ the issues that require visiting the doctor from ones that will pass in few days without any need of interaction.

small painful lump under armpit

We want you to remember that even pea-size painful lump under armpit does not prove that you have breast cancer. It may be just inflammation of lymph node in the nipple or mammary gland, that is a problem too, but is it much easier to handle with. So if you will visit the doctor in several hours after finding of this bump, you may save a lot of time and money that could be spend on treatment of the next stage of the disease.

Some of mothers, that feed their babies with breast should pay the most attentions to small painful lump under armpit. The first reason is to protect your child from any intoxication, because you may poison it if you are ill. The second reason is your hormones, that are very unstable during the pregnancy and the lactation period. And the third one is the high risk of inflammation of lymph node in the nipple or mammary gland, because baby’s mouth is pretty dirty place, and if some of saliva is moved into you blood through the bite (yeah, most of babies may even chew mommy’s nipple), infection could be recognized due to shape of lymph nodes in the breast area.

So painful lump under armpit may be cause by different reasons, and most of them are harmless and will go away in few days. In more severe cases it is the sign of cancer or inflammation. But there is fifty percent chance that it is a usual atheroma, which is mostly harmless, but anyway we recommend to visit your doctor as soon as possible. Stay healthy!

small painful lump under armpit