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How much should you worry about painful lump under armpit?

painful lump under armpit

Today almost every woman knows enough about breast cancer and its consequences. That is why any kind of discomfort in breast area, even small painful lump under armpit, scares a lot. And all we can say that is right reaction for such a situation, that shows that you really care about your health, because any kind of swelling, papilloma or painful lump under armpit may be a sign of the cancer.

But the only thing, that may cause a lot of damage to your health, if you will decide to ignore it, is small painful lump under armpit which may turn into inflammation of the lymph nodes. The main characteristic of any bump is its size. Painful lump under armpit that is bigger than pea is most likely to be the result of inflammation of lymph node in the nipple or mammary gland, that is why you have to visit doctor as soon as possible, to avoid worsening of the situation.