A painful lump in the armpit

lump under my armpit that hurts

Go to the doctor immediately and say “I have a lump in my armpit that hurts” this way you will get an immediate check up and testing. The most reliable of these is a detailed general blood test. With chronic inflammatory processes and the development of cancer tumors the doctor will see a shift in the leucogram with total leucocytosis and an increase in the erythrocyte sedimentation rate in the blood test. Also the level of hemoglobin decreases and B12-deficiency anemia is diagnosed with certain types of tumors.

Lump in the armpit shapes and causes

Remember to go to the doctor and not only in case the lump in armpit hurts. In the most cases the lump under the arm causes are associated with a swelling in the lymph gland. A single knot is felt when palpating, it is soft and elastic. It does not hurt when being touched. It can be immobile or move freely within 1-2 cm. The skin over the lymph gland does not change, there is no hyperemia.

large lump under armpit

These are the following forms of the armpit lumps:

Small or medium-sized so it is not always a large lump in armpit;

Soft or indurate;

Painful or painless when palpating aka lump in armpit hurts;

Normal color, hyperemic or pigmented (brown);

Mobile or glomerated with the surrounding tissues;

Internal or protruding above the armpit surface.

All these signs are important when establishing the initial large lump in armpit diagnosis. As a rule the combinations of such symptoms as the rapid increase in size and redness of the skin, soreness and lack of mobility during palpation, increased pigmentation of the surrounding skin tissues are a reason to start suspecting the oncologic damage. Only the doctor can determine the exact cause of the lump under the arm. Try not to stress out about it too much, the proper check up and testing will help determine the source of ailment and treat it adequately.

No matter what you need to be careful, attentive and there is one thing you need to know. Remember the simple rule, if the large lump in armpit is painful, than it is necessary to abstain from any procedures involving thermal energy aka increased temperatures and urgently seek medical attention to exclude the malignant neoplasm in the lymph gland area.